VII International Conference "Atomic and Molecular Pulsed Lasers"

September 12-16, 2005, Tomsk, Russia

Author's Index

Author: Маненков А.А. (Институт общей физики РАН, Москва, Россия)

List of reports:

  1. S.S. Anufrick, Yu.M. Kuznetsov and V.V. Tarkovskiy (Grodno State University, Grodno, Belarus), M.I. Ignatovskiy (Research Center of Resource Saving Problems NAS of Belarus, Grodno, Belarus), M.F. Koldunov, A.A. Manenkov (General Physics Institute RAS, Moscow, Russia)
    Structure and Laser Behaviour of New Optical Materials – Composite Field Nanoporous Glass – Polymer Activated by Dyes