IX International Conference Atomic and Molecular Pulsed Lasers - AMPL

September 14-18, 2009, Tomsk, Russia

Second Announcement

Dear colleagues,

Arrangements for the next International Conference on pulsed lasers and their applications AMPL-2009 (Atomic and Molecular Pulsed Lasers) continue. The AMPL Conference, which is held in Tomsk biennially, is the greatest scientific forum on this subject in the Commonwealth of Independent States. The next, the 9th AMPL Conference will last from the 14th to the 18th of September 2009.

International Organizing Committee:
Victor Tarasenko, Tomsk, Russia - Chairman
Gennadiy Evtushenko, Tomsk, Russia - Co-Chairman
Anatoliy Soldatov, Tomsk, Russia - Co-Chairman
Anton Klimkin, Tomsk, Russia - Scientific secretary
Mikhail Erofeev, Tomsk, Russia - Secretary-Editor
Yuriy Andreev, Tomsk, Russia
Slavomir Anufrick, Grodno, Belarus
Pyotor Bokhan, Novosibirsk, Russia
Alexandr Boychenko, Moscow, Russia
Oleg Danilov, St-Petersburg, Russia
Gary Eden, Urbana, USA
Konstantin Firsov, Moscow, Russia
Andrey Ionin, Moscow, Russia
Weihua Jiang, Beijing, China
Mishik Kazaryan, Moscow, Russia
Tatiana Kopylova, Tomsk, Russia
Bernard Lacour, Orsay, France
Evgueniy Latush, Rostov on Don, Russia
Valeriy Losev, Tomsk, Russia
Georgiy Mayer, Tomsk, Russia
Yuriy Meshalkin, Novosibirsk, Russia
Vladimir Osipov, Ekaterinburg, Russia
Georgiy Petrash, Moscow, Russia
Nicola Sabotinov, Sofia, Bulgaria
Anatoliy Sinyanskiy, Sarov, Russia
Aleksey Treshchalov, Tartu, Estonia
Milan Trtica, Beograd, Serbia
Andreas Ulrich, Garching, Germany
Alexandr Zemlyanov, Tomsk, Russia
Georges Zissis, Toulouse, France

Organizing Committee:
Victor Tarasenko, Tomsk, Russia - Chairman
Alexandr Zemlyanov, Tomsk, Russia - Co-Chairman
Mikhail Erofeev, Tomsk, Russia - Scientific secretary
Ekaterina Kiselyova, Tomsk, Russia - Scientific secretary
Elena Klimkina, Tomsk, Russia - Secretary
Anna Vasilieva, Tomsk, Russia - Secretary
Gennadiy Evtushenko, Tomsk, Russia
Anatoliy Fedorov, Tomsk, Russia
Pavel Geiko, Tomsk, Russia
Gennadiy Gerasimov, St.Petersburg, Russia
Mishik Kazaryan, Moscow, Russia
Anton Klimkin, Tomsk, Russia
Grigoriy Lanskiy, Tomsk, Russia
Mikhail Levitskiy, Tomsk, Russia
Mikhail Makogon, Tomsk, Russia
Georgiy Nazin, Surgut, Russia
Innokentiy Plyusnin, Surgut, Russia
Anatoliy Soldatov, Tomsk, Russia
Edward Sosnin, Tomsk, Russia
Valeriy Svetlichnyi, Tomsk, Russia
Olga Tchaikovskaya, Tomsk, Russia
Alexandra Yancharina, Tomsk, Russia

Committee of Young Scientists:
Edward Sosnin, Tomsk, Russia - Chairman
Fyodor Gubarev, Tomsk, Russia - Co-Chairman
Anna Vasilieva, Tomsk, Russia - Scientific secretary
Rustam Gadirov, Tomsk, Russia
Mikhail Erofeev, Tomsk, Russia
Ekaterina Kiselyova, Tomsk, Russia
Anton Klimkin, Tomsk, Russia
Grigoriy Lanskii, Tomsk, Russia
Sergey Nikonov, Tomsk, Russia
Igor Reymer, Tomsk, Russia
Nataiya Fateyeva, Tomsk, Russia
Anna Shaiduko, Tomsk, Russia
Dmitriy Shiyaniv, Tomsk, Russia

Institute of Atmospheric Optics SB RAS, Tomsk, Russia
High Current Electronics Institute SB RAS, Tomsk, Russia
Institute of Monitoring of Climatic and Ecological System SB RAS, Tomsk, Russia
Tomsk State University, Tomsk, Russia
Tomsk Polytechnic University, Tomsk, Russia
Surgut State University, Surgut, Russia
Physical Institute RAS, Moscow, Russia
General Physics Institute RAS, Moscow, Russia
Russian State University of Innovation Techniques and Business, Moscow, Russia
Siberian Physical Technical Institute, Tomsk, Russia

The following topical areas will be considered at the Conference: pulsed laser characteristics; new laser transitions; laser pumping systems; peculiarities of power input into laser active media; volume discharges; up-to-date power supplies and active elements; lasers with active media compound composition; investigation of photoprocesses in organic compounds; organic materials for optoelectronics, non-linear processes in molecular systems under laser emission; amplifier-oscillator systems; conversion of laser beam parameters in crystal and gaseous media; harmonic generators of sum and difference frequencies; new materials for laser emission conversion, etc. This year the scientific program of the Conference has been widened with a new research area - femtosecond lasers.

Principal goals of the Conference are both exchange of up-to-date knowledge and connecting of fundamental and applied science. Therefore within the framework of the Conference peculiar attention will be paid to laser applications in different areas of science and engineering (ecology, medicine, industry, fight against terrorism, research activities, etc.), discussion of problems of laser-based apparatus development, new optical technologies, as well as to exchange of practical experience on application of the achievements of science to production and project commercialization. The AMPL Conference is a traditional place of meeting of potential partners, optical devices manufacturers, customers and executors of research efforts and experimental development.

The Conference scientific program offers the following sessions:
- gas and plasma lasers (session A)
- metal vapor lasers (session B)
- photonics of optical materials (session C)
- femtosecond lasers and laser systems (session D)
- laser systems and new laser and optical technologies, laser applications (session E)
- non-coherent UV and VUV-radiation sources (session F)
- conversion of laser radiation, optoelectronic devices (session G)

The Conference program provides for listening to the invited and oral presentations and work of poster sessions. Abstracts of the papers and Conference Program will be placed on the Conference web-site and edited in printing. A special section and competition for young researchers will be held. The Conference proceedings will be issued in a subject editions of Proceedings of SPIE. Author guidelines are available at the web-sites of these editions.

Conference participants will have an opportunity to visit research institutes and universities of Tomsk city as well as to make a Tomsk sightseeing tour.

The official language of the Conference is English. All demonstrative materials should be provided in English.

For participation in the Conference you are kindly requested to submit the filled-in Registration form and abstracts of the papers in the electronic form (RTF format) to the Organizing Committee.
The registration form should contain:
1. List of authors (speaker's name and surname on the first place).
2. Affiliation, mailing address, e-mail, fax and phone numbers.
3. Title of paper.
4. Session and presentation form (oral/poster).
5. Hotel accommodation.
6. Visa support (needed or not).

Abstract of a paper must include:
1.Title of paper.
2.List of authors (with speaker's name underlined).
3.Brief summary of paper in English (maximum 200 words).

Visa support
If you need Visa support, you are kindly requested to fill in a special form. As national security measures have been intensified, time for Invitation letter and Visa execution is extended. Thus the filled Visa support forms should be supplied up to May 1, 2009.

Templates of abstracts as well as Visa support and Application forms are available here.

Abstracts of your papers, Application and Visa support forms may be forwarded to the Organizing Committee by e-mail or to mailing address of the Organizing Committee on CD or DVD.

The deadline for submitting papers is April 30, 2009

For lectures and oral presentation a projection device (overhead projector) and a note-book (OpenOffice) with a multimedia projector are provided. For poster presentations the area of 1m^2 is available (1 page of A1 format). If any supplementary apparatus or software is required, please inform the Organizing Committee beforehand.

The Conference fee:
For participants - 200 €
For students and PhD students - 100 €
For accompanying persons - 50 €
The Conference fee covers manuscripts, participation in all sessions, excursions, Welcome reception and banquet. In case of cashless payment you are kindly requested to contact the Organizing Committee before June 1, 2009 at latest for document preparation. Please note Registration fee in cash should be paid in rubles according to rate of exchange of the Central Bank of Russian Federation on the maturity date (rate of currency exchange on March 1, 2009 - 1€ = 45.95 RUB).

The Conference Participants are supposed to be accommodated at Hotel "Rubin" (Academic Campus). Please book beforehand.

The Organizing Committee is able to render assistance in choosing an optimal route to Tomsk. Up-to-date information on air fares of Aeroflot, Gazpromavia and S7 Airlines Companies are available at the web-sites of these companies.

The Organizing committee address:
Institute of Atmospheric Optics SB RAS,
1 Akademicheskiy Ave, Tomsk, 634021, Russia
The AMPL-2009 Conference secretary Anton Klimkin
Phone: 7-(382-2)-49-15-26; fax: 7-(382-2)-49-20-86

Looking forward to see you in Tomsk among the participants of the AMPL Conference!