XIV International Conference on pulsed lasers and laser applications – AMPL-2019

September 15-20, 2019, Tomsk

Submitted reports

  1. ,
    The effect of molecular gas on the apokamp discharge formation  
  2. , , ,
    Photoregulation of agricultural plants growth and development by XeCl-excilamp  
  3. M.I. Lomaev, V.F. Tarasenko,
     The high-current electron beam’s cumulation phenomenon at nanosecond high-voltage discharge in a low-pressure diode  
  4. Zakharova O.A., Yunusova N.V., Zambalova E.A.,Kistenev Yu.V.,Borisov A.V.
    Analysis of exosomes by multiphoton microscopy
  5. V.F. Tarasenko, A.G. Burachenko, E.Kh. Baksht, D.V. Beloplotov
    “Bead” lightning in a nonuniform electric field during discharges with long rise time of voltage pulses  
  6. N.A. Yudin, N.N. Yudin, H.A. Baalbaki
    Relaxation of metastable states in the active medium of a copper vapor laser  
  7. N.A. Yudin, N.N. Yudin, H.A. Baalbaki
    Efficiency pumping the active medium of a copper vapor laser  
  8. D.A. Kharitonov, A.V. Kharcheva, O.K. Farat, N.E. Borisova, S.V. Patsaeva, Ts.B. Sumyanova
    Temperature dependence of luminescence for aqueous solutions of europium complex with ligand based on 2,2'-bipyridyl  
  9. Yampolskaya Sofia Aleksandrovna, Yastremskii Arkady Grigorevich
    Numerical study of the effect of excitation pulse characteristics on the density of cathode spots in pump discharges of excimer lasers  

  10. Designing laser systems for the diagnosis of gas-aerosol media    
  11. A.A. Syrotkin, A.I. Lyashenko, N.N. Yudin, A.I. Gribenyukov, V.V. Dyomin, M.M. Zinovev, S.N. Podzyvalov
    Generation of tuned THz-radiation on difference frequency in ZnGeP2 single crystal over pumping by double frequency radiation of parametric optical generator based on nonlinear KTP crystal  
  12. Yastremskii Arkadii Grigorievich, Ivanov Nikolai Georgievich, Losev Valerii Fedorovich
    Investigation of the gain characteristics of laser pulses in the XeF (C-A) amplifier THL-100 laser system