XIV International Conference on pulsed lasers and laser applications – AMPL-2019

September 15-20, 2019, Tomsk

Submitted reports

  1. A.Ya. Zhamus, D.M. Ezhov
    Investigation of nonlinear absorption in TGS crystals in the range of 680-1080 nm  
  2. D.A. Yagnyatinskiy, V.N. Fedoseev
    Numerical simulations of the unimorph deformable mirror in ANSYS software    
  3. Yagnyatinskiy Dmitry Alexandrovich, Kurenkov Alexey Valentinovich, Fedoseyev Victor Nikolaevich
    The unimorph deformable mirror for adaptive optics: Numerical simulations and manufacturing    
  4. Hampf, Raphael, Ulrich, Andreas, Wieser, Jochen
    Optical ion beam profile determination using emission from neutral and ionic argon, neon, and nitrogen transitions    
  5. Hampf, Raphael, Ulrich, Andreas, Wieser, Jochen
    Pressure dependent effective emission cross sections of the neutral and ionic Argon 4p-4s and Neon 3p-3s transitions for heavy ion excitation    
  6. V.S. Gorelik, V.V. Savranskii, P.P. Sverbil, M.R. Kupov, D. Bi, Yu.P. Voinov
    Two-photon-excited luminescence in organic media when pumped with copper, gold and solid-state YAG: Nd3 + laser  
  7. E.V. Koryukina, V.I. Koryukin
    Method for calculating line profiles in the emission spectra of atoms in an alternating electric field  
  8. E.V. Koryukina, V.I. Koryukin
    Simulation of line profiles in the emission spectra of rare gas atoms excited by an alternating electric field  
  9. A.V. Shabalina, V.V. Krasitskaya, D.O. Sharko, I.N. Lapin
    Visualization of the effectiveness of the surface blocking of electrochemical sensors using laser confocal microscopy  

  10. Interpretation of atmospheric sounding data at wavelengths of He-Ne and CO lasers in the region of 3.3 mcm to determine the concentration of methane      
  11. A.N. Panchenko1, 2, D.V. Beloplotov1, M.I. Lomaev1, 2, V.F. Tarasenko1, 2, N.A. Panchenko3
    Diffuse discharge in SF6 and its mixtures formed by ns voltage pulses in non-uniform electric field    
  12. A.N. Panchenko, M.I. Lomaev, V.F. Tarasenko, N.A. Panchenko
    Gas lasers pumped by discharge with run-away electrons