XIV International Conference on pulsed lasers and laser applications – AMPL-2019

September 15-20, 2019, Tomsk

Submitted reports

  1. A.V. Kharcheva, O.K. Farat, R. Zorin, N.E. Borisova, S.V. Patsaeva
    Luminescence of water-soluble europium complexes with N-heterocyclic ligands  
  2. Khasenov M.U.
    Emission spectra of active media of the lasers on atomic transitions of noble gases under ion beam excitation  
  3. Ivanov I.G.
    Multiwavelength pulsed ion thallium-vapor laser with pumping in triple mixture with helium and neon  
  4. R. Hampf, A. Ulrich, J. Wieser
    Absolut sensitivity calibration of a lens - CCD-camera optical system    
  5. A.H. Makaryan, V.R. Tadevosyan, А.S. Nikoghosyan, T.S. Yezekyan1
    Оptical detection of femtosecond laser pulses in a ferromagnetic medium a result of its magnetization by the magnetic field of laser pulse    
  6. V.P. Dresvyanskiy, A.V. Kuznetsov, E.F. Martynovich
    Photophysical processes in dielectric crystals under the action of intense femtosecond laser radiation  
  7. Oleshko Vladimir Ivanovich, Nguyen Van Vu
    Luminescence and radio emission from electric discharges induced by a high-current electron beam in atmospheric pressure air  
  8. S. A. Frolov, V. I. Trunov
    Formation of few-cycle femtosecond pulses by spectral broadening in media with alternating cubic nonlinearity sign  
  9. Erofeev M., Ripenko V., Shulepov M., Tarasenko V.
    Generators of runaway electrons preionized diffuse discharge plasma and some of their application for surface modification  
  10. Lubenko D.M., Prokopev V.E., Alekseev S.V., Ivanov M.V., Losev V.F.
    THz emission efficiency in femtosecond laser-induced filament under different pumping conditions    
  11. G.V. Lansky, Yu.M. Andreev, D.M. Lubenko, V.F. Losev, A.A. Mamrashev, N.A. Nikolaev
    Generation of THz emission in nonlinear BBO crystal at room temperature    
  12. Erofeev M., Ripenko V., Erofeev V., Dzhalilova S., Tarasenko V.
    Conversion of propane-butane fraction into arenes on MFI zeolites activated by diffuse discharge plasma.