The XX Symposium on High Resolution Molecular Spectroscopy

July 03-07, 2023, lake Baikal, Irkutsk, Russia


  1. Adamenkov Yu.A., Gorbunov M.A., Kalacheva A.A., Shaydulina V.A.
    Measurement of singlet oxygen concentration in ambient atmosphere
  2. Plastinina D.M., Lipskaya A.S., Chesnokov E.N.
    Integrated intensities of the vibrational-rotational lines of C2HD in the 6527–6563 cm-1 and 6611–6642 cm-1 infrared spectral regions
  3. Jiang X., Liu H., Zhang Y., Jiang W., Ayouz M., Kokoouline V.A.
    Cross sections for dissociative recombination of the CF3+ ion in collisions with low-energy electrons
  4. Sharybkina K.K., Vasilenko I.A., Naumenko O.V., Horneman V.-M.
    Fourier transform absorption spectrum of SO2 in 3500-3700 cm-1 spectral region 
  5. Chen Y., Jiang X., Yao L., Jiang W., Liu H., Zhang Y.
    Electron scattering cross sections from NH3: A comprehensive study based on R-matrix method
  6. Velichko T.I., Mikhailenko S.N.
    Calculation of vibration-rotation transition frequencies and RKR potentials of the HBr molecule
  7. Lyulin O.M., Solodov A.M., Solodov A.A., Petrova T.M., Perevalov V.I.
    The absorption bands of 12C16O2 near 718 nm  
  8. Rutkowski K.S., Melikova S.M.
    Сryospectroscopic and ab initio studies of noncovalent interactions between volatile anesthetics (enflurane, isoflurane) and dimethyl ether. Spectroscopic evidence of trimer formation
  9. Borkov Yu.G., Sulakshina O.N., Serdyukov V.I., Sinitsa L.N.
    Λ- doubling in the 3-0 vibrational band of the 15N16O molecule in the ground state  
  10. Borkov Yu.G., Sulakshina O.N., Serdyukov V.I., Sinitsa L.N.
    Analysis of N18O isotopolog in the 5200 – 5500 сm-1  infrared spectral region  
  11. Yuriev A.V., Adamenkov Yu.A., Gorbunov M.A., Shaydulina V.A., Kalacheva A.A.
    Study of the influence of oxygen on the active medium of an optically pumped rare gas laser using a kinetic 0-D(t) model
  12. Makarova M.V., Ionov D.V., Imkhasin H.H., Poberovskii A.V., Polyakov A.V., Kostsov V.S., Makarov B.K., Foka S.Ch.
    Retrieval of NO2 tropospheric column by ground-based FTIR observations of direct solar radiation