Тринадцатый международный симпозиум-школа "Молекулярная спектроскопия высокого разрешения"

04-06 июля 1999 года, Томск

Приглашенные докладчики

  1. A.G. Beresin (Russia) Analytical applications of tunable diode lasers
  2. D. Bermejo (Spain) Double resonance Raman - Raman spectroscopy
  3. A. Campargue (France) Intracavity laser spectroscopy: capabilities and limitations
  4. M. Carlotti (Italy) Recent advances in submillimetre remote sensing of the stratosphere
  5. C. Camy-Peyret (France) Remote sensing spectroscopic measurements of atmospheric trace species
  6. B. Girard (France) Pump-probe spectroscopy and coherent control in alcoli atoms and dimers
  7. A.P. Kouzov (Russia) New trends in the line mixing theory
  8. Sh.Sh. Nabiev (Russia) Spectroscopic exhibitions of structural non-rigidity in simple and complex molecular systems
  9. J. Orphal (Germany) Laboratory spectroscopy and remote sensing of the atmospheric molecules and radicals
  10. M.W. Sigrist (Switzerland) Laser spectroscopic sensing of air pollutants
  11. L.N. Sinitsa (Russia) Intracavity laser spectroscopy. 30 - year development
  12. S.A. Tashkun (Russia) Global fittings of high resolution data of triatomic molecules
  13. O.N. Ulenikov (Russia) Extended local mode approach
  14. A.Vigasin (Russia) Infrared and Raman spectroscopy of matrix isolated and gas-phase carbon dioxide dimers