XIII International Conference on pulsed lasers and laser applications - AMPL-2017

September 10-15, 2017, Tomsk, Russia

Oral Reports

  1. F.A. Gubarev, A. Pathmanaban
    Study of elastic object contraction using optical sensor
  2. A.A. Trenkin, V.I. Karelin, Yu.M. Shibitov, O.M. Blinova
  3. K.K. Samarkhanov
    Reactor experiments to study luminescence of He-Ne and He-Kr gaseous mixtures, excited by products of nuclear reaction 6Li (n, α) 3H
  4. I.P. Rudenok, A.I. Kireeva
    Peculiar waves in planar continuously heterogeneous structures with optical bianisotropy
  5. S.A. Frolov, V.I. Trunov
    Parametric amplifiers with multiple beams pumping for high-power laser systems of the femtosecond range
  6. A.E. Mironov, J.G. Eden
    Circularly Polarized Laser Emission on the Alkali D2 Lines: Optical Pumping of a Transient Diatomic Molecule
  7. А.А. Prokopenko, R.Т. Kuznetsova, N.А. Bumagina
    Photonics and application of dipyrromethene complexes with zinc
  8. Yu.M. Andreev, D.M. Ezhov, V.A. Svetlichnyi
    Optical properties and THz generation in ZGP crystal
  9. V.V. Osipov, V.V. Lisenkov, V.V. Platonov, E.V. Tikhonov, A.V. Podkin, E.A. Kochurin
    The study of vapor-droplet ablation mode dielectric targets under the action of laser radiation
  10. V.I. Trunov, S.A. Frolov, D.O. Eplanov
    Optical compressors for ultra-wideband     near and mid-infrared pulses
  11. A.V. Burnashov, V.K. Oshlakov, A.N. Iglakova, P.A. Babushkin
    Using of the TW radiation in the case of the remote sensing of clouds.
  12. V.V. Petrov, A.V. Laptev, G.V. Kuptsov, V.A. Petrov, A.V. Kirpichnikov, E.V. Pestryakov
    The evolution of cryogenically cooled pump channel of high-intensity laser system with 1 kHz repetition rate