XIII International Conference on pulsed lasers and laser applications - AMPL-2017

September 10-15, 2017, Tomsk, Russia

Oral Reports

  1. G.V. Kuptsov, V.A. Petrov, V.V. Petrov, E.V. Pestryakov, A.V. Laptev, A.V. Kirpichnikov
    The investigation of the diode-pumped laser amplification unit with cryogenic closed-loop cooling
  2. V. Tcheremiskine, Y. Azamoum, R. Clady, A. Ferre, O. Uteza, M. Sentis
    Influence of the temporal contrast on the characteristics of laser-produced ultrafast Kα Hard X-ray source 
  3. A.G. Burachenko, D.V. Beloplotov, D.A. Sorokin, V.F. Tarasenko, E.Kh. Baksht, M.I. Lomaev, E.I. Lipatov
    Cathodoluminescence and photoluminescence contribution to signals from Cherenkov detectors of runaway electron beams 
  4. V.V. Andreev
    Results of an investigation in air at atmospheric pressure of the mechanism of microdischarges formation in dielectric barrier discharge cell with a rotating dielectric disc
  5. S.B. Mamaev, Е.V. Polyakov, А.P.Shirokikh, V.I. Yalovoy, L.D. Mikheev, А.А. Rogashevskii
    Optically driven Xe2Cl as a new active medium for subexawatt laser systems  
  6. Ya.V. Grudtsin, A.V. Koribut, L.D. Mikheev, V.A. Trofimov
    A new mechanism of femtosecond pulse self-shortening based on multiple filamentation in Kerr media
  7. V.S. Kraiukhina, O.N.Tchaikovsky, N.G. Bryantseva
    Conversion of 8-MOP in water-ethanol solution under influence of irradiation of XeBr and KrCl exilamps in the presence of H2O2.
  8. D.M. Ezhov, A.S. Tanichev, V.A. Svetlichnyi
    Study on SHG in powders of promising NLO crystals  
  9. N.A. Nikoalev, A.A. Mamrashev, G.V. Lanskii, N.G. Kononova, A.E. Kokh, K.A. Kokh, K.L. Litvinenko, D.M. Lubenko, V.F. Losev, V.D. Antsygin
    Optical properties of borate crystals in the THz range and perspectives of applications in down-converters 
  10. G.D. Chebotarev
    Methods for numerical optimization of the characteristics of the strontium and calcium vapour recombination lasers
  11. D.M. Lubenko, V.F. Losev, Yu.M. Andreev
    Physical origin and damage threshold in GaSe crystals
  12. V.F. Tarasenko, A.G. Burachenko, E.Kh. Baksht
    Subnanosecond breakdown in nitrogen at pressure up to 1.2 MPa, initiated runaway electrons