XIII International Conference on pulsed lasers and laser applications - AMPL-2017

September 10-15, 2017, Tomsk, Russia

Oral Reports

  1. V.A. Pomogaev
    Inheritance of photochromic properties of nitro substituted and halogenated spiropyrans in compounds with the pyrrolidinofullerene
  2. A.M. Razhev, R.A. Tkachenko
    Compact UV nitrogen laser pumped by a pulsed longitudinal inductive discharge  
  3. A.M. Razhev, I.A. Iskakov, E.O. Papaeva, O.V. Ermakova, V.V. Chernykh, A.M. Orishich, A.N. Trunov, E.I. Dauengauer
    The effect of UV laser radiation on the scleral tissue of the eye of patients with open-angle glaucoma
  4. V.S. Ripenko, M.A. Shulepov, M.V. Erofeev, V.F. Tarasenko
    Cleaning and activation of the copper surface by atmospheric pressure diffuse discharge
  5. A.G. Merezhko, M.A. Gerasimova, L.M. Gornastaev, E.A. Slyusareva
    Spectroscopic behavior of pyrrolanthrone and its derivatives in polar and non-polar solvents
  6. N.О. Vershinin, I.V. Sokolova
    Use of UV radiation from the KrCl excilamp for the purpose of removing 2,4-D with H2O2 / Fenton additives  
  7. P.A. Palyanov, M.V. Andreev, V.F. Losev, Y.N. Panchenko, A.V. Puchikin
    Luminescence spectra of nitric oxide in ultra-intense optical fields
  8. D.V. Shiyanov
    Peculiarities of lasing in metal halide vapor lasers with in-built reactor  
  9. I.N. Lapin, A.V. Shabalina, K.A. Ryzhinskaya, V.A. Svetlychnyi, O.S. Kolovskaya
    Visualization of aptamers on the surface of planar electrodes by the method of confocal laser scanning microscopy
  10. K.A. Sitnik, N.G. Ivanov, V.F. Losev, V.E. Prokopiev
    Evolution of plasma radiation spectrum of filament in air 
  11. N.A. Yudin, Yu.P. Polunin, N.N. Yudin
    On the mechanism limiting the frequency and energy characteristics of the metal vapor lasers аллов
  12. N.A. Yudin, Yu.P. Polunin, I.E. Razmahnin, N.N. Yudin
    The efficiency of pumping the active medium of a copper vapor laser in the regime of reduced energy deposition