XIII International Conference on pulsed lasers and laser applications - AMPL-2017

September 10-15, 2017, Tomsk, Russia

Oral Reports

  1. S.V. Alekseev, M.V. Ivanov, N.G. Ivanov, V.F. Losev
    The formation conditions study of second harmonic for chirped radiation pulses
  2. D.E. Genin, D.V. Petorv
    Detecting of CO2-laser radiation by the method of acoustic thermometry
  3. P.A. Bokhan, P.P. Gugin, M.A. Lavrukhin, Dm.E. Zakrevsky
    Investigation of the laser on the thallium self-terminating transition pumped by subnanosecond switch
  4. A.N. Soldatov, Yu.P. Polunin, A.V. Vasilieva, A.S. Shumeiko, I.K. Kostadinov, Ya.A. Loeva
    Laser ablation of bone tissue at a wavelength 6.45 µm
  5. T.D. Petukhov, G.S. Evtushenko, E.N. Telminov
  6. A.V. Moiseev, N.M. Moiseeva
    Reflection of light on the boundary plane nonuniform layer gyrotropic
  7. V.E. Prokopiev, V.K. Oshlakov, G.G. Matvienko, A.N. Iglakova
    Spontaneous and induced radiation at a resonant electronic transition of a molecular nitrogen ion of air in plasma filaments under optical pumping by a laser with a wavelength of 800 nm.
  8. V.E. Prokop'ev, A.N. Iglakova, G.G. Matvienko, V.K. Oshlakov, V.I. Timofeev
    Generation of superradiation by molecular ions of nitrogen in air under conditions of filamentation of a powerful femtosecond pulse.  
  9. A.N. Iglakova, G.G. Matvienko, V.E. Prokop'ev, V.K. Oshlakov
    Generation on strontium atomic and ionic transitions upon optical pumping of strontium vapor by a femtosecond laser at a wavelength of 800 nm
  10. A.E. Medvedev
    Ambipolar transport in the structure of gas discharge plasma
  11. A.N. Soldatov
    Multiwavelength generation in metal vapor lasers with a nanosecond pulse duration
  12. A.N. Soldatov, Yu.P. Polunin, I.K. Kostadinov, A.S. Shumeiko, V.Yu. Yurin
    A promising method for processing brittle nonuniformly stressed materials with the help of multiwavelength lasers