XIII International Conference on pulsed lasers and laser applications - AMPL-2017

September 10-15, 2017, Tomsk, Russia


  1. A.A. Asratyan, L.L. Betina, N.A. Klimenko, N.A. Lyabin, V.G. Paramonov, G.M. Paramonova, A.G. Grigoryants, I.N. Shiganov, M.A. Kazaryan, V.I. Sachkov
    Industrial sealed copper vapor lasers, highly selective optical resonators, parameters and properties, microprocessing capabilities
  2. S.A. Ambrozevich, N.A. Bulychev, M.A. Kazaryan, O.S. Andrienko, A.G. Grigoryants, I.N. Shiganov, N.A. Lyabin, R.G. Mkhitaryan, G.A. Tonoyan, V.I. Sachkov
    Comparative analysis of parameters of a pulsed copper vapor laser with known types of technological lasers
  3. M.V. Trigub, A.G. Lunev
    Imaging system based on CuBr-laser for welding processes studying
  4. V.V. Vlasov, V.O. Troitsky, M.V. Trigub
    CuBr lasers with matching lines in a discharge circuit
  5. E.I. Lipatov, E.A. Sosnin, V.S. Skakun, V.A. Panarin, D.S. Pechenitsyn, V.F. Tarasenko, P.A. Gol’tsova
    Excilamps for sewage treatment
  6. E.I. Lipatov, E.A. Sosnin, V.F. Tarasenko, A.V. Simakova, D.S. Vorob’ev
    Excilamps for the Оpisthorchis felineus trematodes inactivation
  7. N.E. Khoroshman, E.I. Lipatov, A.G. Burachenko, V.F. Tarasenko, M.A. Bublik
    The effect of the impurity-defective composition of a diamond sample on the optical absorption at a neutral vacancy
  8. A.Yu. Gerasimenko, M.S. Savelyev, N.N. Zhurbina, U.E. Kurilova, L.P. Ichkitidze, V.M. Podgaetsky
    Laser nanocomposites for restoration of biological tissues
  9. M.S. Savelyev, A.Yu. Gerasimenko, U.E. Kurilova, V.M. Podgaetsky, S.A. Tereshchenko, S.V. Selishchev
    Threshold effect in properties of limiters for high-intensity laser radiation
  10. V.Ya. Artyukhov, G.V. Mayer
    Intermolecular proton transition in the excited states of acridine
  11. O.K. Bazyl’, V.Ya. Artyukhov, G.V. Mayer, G.B. Tolstorozhev, M.V. Bel’kov , O.I. Shadyro
    Spectral-luminescent and proton-acceptor properties of biologically active hydroxyl-substituted benzaldehydes
  12. Y.A. Dyakov, M.A. Kazaryan, C.H. Chen
    Laser-Induced Ionization/Dissociation Processes in Simple Hydrocarbons: Mechanisms and Applications