XIII International Conference on pulsed lasers and laser applications - AMPL-2017

September 10-15, 2017, Tomsk, Russia


  1. Do Kuan Manh, Mai The Nguyen, B.A. Kozlov, N.S. Kulikov
    Characteristics of a small–sized TEА–CO2 laser with carbon coatings cathodes
  2. Do Kuan Manh, Mai The Nguyen, B.A. Kozlov, N.S. Kulikov, D.G. Filon
    TEA–CO2 laser with a modified method of pumping
  3. V.G. Sokovikov, A.V. Klimkin, V.E. Prokopiev
  4. D.V. Grigoryev, A.V. Voitsekhovskii, V.F. Tarasenko, M.A. Shulepov, V.S. Ripenko, S.A. Dvoretskii, M.V. Erofeev
    Modification of electrophysical parameters of HgCdTe epitaxial heterostructures under the action of a pulsed nanosecond discharge in gas environment at atmospheric-pressure
  5. E.N. Nikonova, E.N. Telminov, T.N. Kopylova, S.Yu. Nikonov, D.M. Il’gach, A.V. Yakimanskii, T.A. Solodova, A.E. Kurcevich
    Spectral- luminescent and lasing characteristics of thin-film structures based on semiconductor polymers
  6. E.V. Koryukina, V.I. Koryukin
    On mechanisms of the change in the emission color of plasma excited by an alternating electric field
  7. V.G. Prokoshev, M.Yu. Zvyagin, A.S. Golubev
    Improving the decoding characteristics of digital images with a computer-aided correction of distortion caused by phase shield
  8. G.D. Chebotarev, E.L. Latush, A.N. Soldatov, Yu.P. Polunin, A.S. Shumeiko, N.A. Yudin
    Optimization of the He-Sr laser parameters in the regime of simultaneous oscillations on visivle and IR transitions
  9. I.G. Ivanov
    Ion lasers in mixtures of metal vapors with pumping by heteropolar current pulses
  10. O.N.Tchaykovskaya, N.G. Bryantseva, E.N. Bocharnikova
    Optical properties of 8-MOP
  11. E.A. Sosnin, V.A. Panarin, V.S. Skakun, V.F. Tarasenko
    Emission Spectra of Apokamp-like Discharge at Atmospheric Pressure in Air, Argon, and Helium
  12. E.N. Nikonova, T.N. Kopylova, S.Yu. Nikonov, D.M. Il’gach, A.V. Yakimanskii, R.M. Gadirov
    Electroluminescence of copolyfluorenes in the visible range of the spectrum