XIII International Conference on pulsed lasers and laser applications - AMPL-2017

September 10-15, 2017, Tomsk, Russia


  1. N.A. Yudin, Yu.P. Polunin, N.N. Yudin
    Formation of a high-frequency discharge in the active metal vapor laser medium
  2. A.N. Soldatov, G.D. Chebotarev, E.L. Latush, Yu.P. Polunin, A.S. Shumeiko, N.A. Yudin
    Strontium vapour laser with ionisation and recombination mechanisms of inversion formation
  3. A.V. Gribenyukov, S.N. Podshivalov, A.S. Shumeyko, N.A. Yudin, N.N. Yudin, V.Yu. Yurin
    Optical method of defectoscopy of ZnGeP2 monocrystal with application output radiation of Sr vapor laser
  4. A.G. Filonov, V.G. Sokovikov, V.O. Troitskii, D.V. Shiyanov
    Europium vapor laser  
  5. V.E Prokop’ev, N.G. Ivanov, V.F. Losev, D.M. Lubenko
    About the mechanism of a highly directional supercontinuum generation in the visible spectral range upon filamentation
  6. E.V. Belskaya, P.A. Bokhan, P.P. Gugin, Dm.E. Zakrevsky
    Energy limiting mechanisms of the lasing at the thallium ion transitions, pumped in the charge exchange processes in a mixture of Ne-Tl
  7. P.P. Gugin, V.A. Kim
    Fully solid-state excitation generator for copper bromide vapor laser
  8. A.E. Medvedev, P.A. Pinaev
    A factor limiting specific contributions of power to the discharge  
  9. A.N. Soldatov, Yu.P. Polunin, A.S. Shumeiko
    Multimedia laser emitter gold vapor and barium
  10. A.A. Zhiltsova, A.V. Kharcheva, S.V. Patsaeva, E.D. Krasnova, O.N. Lunina, A.S. Savvichev
    Spectral study of anoxygenic phototrophic microorganisms in the stratified reservoirs of the Kandalaksha Bay at the White Sea  
  11. A.N. Soldatov, Yu.P. Polunin, I.K. Kostadinov, A.S. Shumeiko, V.Yu. Yurin
    Highly efficient excitation of the active laser elements, the strontium vapor with the volume of the medium up to 1000 cm3
  12. A.N. Soldatov, Yu.P. Polunin, A.S. Shumeiko, V.E. Prokop’ev
    Experimental study of emission spectra of active media of lasers on transitions of copper and gold atoms and ions, and alkaline earth metals in a nanosecond discharge in metal vapor