The XVII Symposium on High Resolution Molecular Spectroscopy

July 02-07, 2012, Zelenogorsk, St.Petersburg region, Russia

Author's Index

Author: Ташкун С.А. (Институт оптики атмосферы им. В.Е.Зуева СО РАН, Томск, Россия)

List of reports:

  1. Vl.G. Tyuterev, R.V. Kochanov, S.A. Tashkun
    Analytical representation for accurate potential energy function of the ozone molecule and extended vibration calculations  
  2. A. Barbe, M.-R. De Backer, X. Thomas, Vl.G. Tyuterev, E.N. Starikova, S.A. Tashkun
    Analysis of the FTS spectrum of 16O3 in the range 3300 – 3600 cm-1. First example of new theoretical modelling for polyad of strongly coupled (220)/(121)/(022) states  
  3. S.A. Tashkun
    Global multi-isotopologue fitting of CO2 vibrational-rotational line positions using the phenomenological mass dependent effective Hamiltonian  
  4. E.V. Karlovets, V.I. Perevalov, S.A. Tashkun, Y. Lu, D. Mondelain, S. Kassi, A. Campargue
    CW-CRDS measurements and global modeling of 14N216O absolute line intensities in the 6950-7653 cm-1 region  
  5. T.M. Petrova, A.M. Solodov, A.A. Solodov, O.M. Lyulin, S.A. Tashkun, V.I. Perevalov
    Measurements of 12C16O2 line parameters in the 8790-8860, 9340-9650 and 11430-11505 cm-1 wavenumber ranges by means of Fourier transform spectroscopy  
  6. T.I. Velichko, S.A. Tashkun, S.N. Mikhailenko
    Global multi-isotopologue fit of measured transition frequencies of CO in the ground electronic state and new set of mass-independent Dunham coefficients  
  7. S.A. Tashkun
    Critical evaluation of measured rotation-vibration line positions and an experimental dataset of energy levels of CO2 in the ground electronic state  
  8. Vl.G. Tyuterev, M. Rey, T. Delahaye, S.A. Tashkun, R.V. Kochanov, A.V. Nikitin, J. Lamouroux
    Derivation of effective spectroscopic models from potential and dipole surfaces by contact transformation: status of the MOL_CT program suite