The XVII Symposium on High Resolution Molecular Spectroscopy

July 02-07, 2012, Zelenogorsk, St.Petersburg region, Russia

Invited speakers

  1. David S. Perry (University of Akron, Akron, USA)
    Effects of large-amplitude motion and increasing energy: new kinds of molecular vibrations and changing intramolecular dynamics in acetylene, methanol and methylamine  
  2. André Butz (Institute for Meteorology and Climate Research, Karlsruhe , Germany ; Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Karlsruhe, Germany)
    Remote sensing of greenhouse gases from space  
  3. Andrey F. Vilesov (University of Southern California, Los Angeles, USA)
    Molecular spectroscopy in superfluid helium droplets  
  4. Georg Ch. Mellau (Justus-Liebig-Universitaet Giessen, Physicalisch-Chemisches-Institut, Giessen, Germany)
    Rovibrational eigenenergy structure of the [H,C,N] molecular system revealed by hot gas molecular emission and theoretical spectroscopy
  5. Andrei V. Nikitin (V.E. Zuev Institute of Atmospheric Optics SB RAS, Tomsk, Russia)
    Theoretical modelling of the methane high-resolution infrared spectrum  
  6. Markus W. Sigrist (Institute of Quantum Electronics, Zurich, Switzerland)
    Infrared laser spectroscopy for gas sensing  
  7. Yury I. Baranov (Institute of Experimental Meteorology, Obnisk, Russia)
    The water-vapor continuum absorption in the mid-infrared 10 and 4 μm atmospheric windows  
  8. Jean-Michel Hartmann (Laboratoire de Météorologie Dynamique, Ecole Polytechnique, Palaiseau, France)
    Some spectroscopic problems through classical molecular dynamics simulations: The favorable case of CO2  
  9. Samir Kassi (Université Grenoble Alpes, Saint-Martin-d'Heres, France)
    Spectroscopy of quadrupole transitions in diatomic molecules  
  10. Alexander Kouzov ()
    Advances in two-color resonant four wave mixing spectroscopy  
  11. Daiqian Xie (Institute of Theoretical and Computational Chemistry, Nanjing University , Nanjing, China)
    Potential energy surfaces and predicted rovibrational spectroscopy for van der Waals complexes
  12. Iakov Ponurovskiy (General Physics Institute RAS, Moscow, Russia)
    Development of new methods of the diode laser spectroscopy and their applications for detection molecule in gas mixtures and measurements of the isotopic composition  
  13. Jeremy M Hutson (Durham University, Durham, United Kingdom)
    Formation of ultracold molecules in levels 10 kHz to 5 MHz from dissociation  
  14. Cristina Puzzarini (Università di Bologna, Bologna, Italy)
    Atmospheric and astrophysical investigations: the role of rotational spectroscopy  
  15. Peter Radi (Paul Scherrer Institute, Villigen, Switzerland)
    Perturbation assisted optical-optical double resonance spectroscopy of radical species by four-wave mixing techniques
  16. Nasser Moazzen-Ahmadi (University of Calgary, Calgary, Canada)
    Weakly-bound molecular complexes formed from three- and four-atom linear molecules  
  17. Oleg L. Polyansky (Institute of Applied Physics RAS, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia; University College London, London, United Kingdom)
    Global spectroscopy of small molecules