XIII International Conference on pulsed lasers and laser applications - AMPL-2017

September 10-15, 2017, Tomsk, Russia


  1. P.A. Bokhan, P.P. Gugin, M.A. Lavrukhin, Dm.E. Zakrevsky
    Investigation of the efficient copper vapor laser with high pulse repetition frequency in a burst-mode operation
  2. N.A. Vasnev, M.V. Trigub
    Control system for bistatic laser monitor
  3. N.A. Vasnev, M.V. Trigub, V.A. Dimaki
    Stand-by mode of CuBr-laser
  4. P.A. Bokhan, N.V. Fateev, T.V. Malin, I.V. Osinnykh, Dm.E. Zakrevsky, K.S. Zhuravlev
    Luminescence properties of heavily doped AlGaN films under optical and electron-beam excitation
  5. E.V. Fedoseeva, D.A. Khundzua, V.A. Terekhova, S.V. Patsaeva
    Use of absorption spectra and their second-order derivative to quantify degradation of humic substances by micromycetes
  6. I.S. Musorov
    High-frequency pumping source of copper bromide vapor brightness amplifier  
  7. S.N. Torgaev, I.S. Musorov, G.S. Evtushenko
    High-frequency brightness amplifiers
  8. A.V. Burnashov, V.K. Oshlakov, A.N. Iglakova, P.A. Babushkin
    Experimental study of the characteristics of the propagation of femtosecond radiation in the atmosphere. Results of the dispersion spreading.
  9. V.M. Orlovskii, V.A. Panarin
    Changes in the IR spectrum of drinking water, melt water from snow and heavy water by irradiation of an electron beam of nanosecond duration
  10. S.I. Yaresko, S.N. Balakirov
    Design of Technology of the Hardening Laser Treatment of Metal-Cutting Tool on the Method of Finite Elements
  11. Yu.V. Savinykh, V.M. Orlovskii , N.S. Kobotayeva
    Radiation resistance of polymer materials at exposure cosmic rays
  12. R.R. Valiev, G.V. Baryshnikov, B.F. Minaev, A.K. Drozdova, V.N. Cherepanov
    Simulation of fluorescence of n-alkylated tetrabenzotetraaza[8]circulenes