The XV Symposium on High Resolution Molecular Spectroscopy

July 18-21, 2006, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia

Author: Soufiani A. (Laboratoire Energ&)

List of reports:

  1. K.I. Arshinov, M.K. Arshinov, V.V. Yasnov (Institute of Technical Acoustics NAS Belarus, Vitebsk, Belarus), V.V. Nevdakh (B.I. Stepanov Institute of Physics NAS Belarus, Minsk, Belarus), M.-Y. Perrin, A. Soufiani (Laboratoire Energétique Moléculaire et Macroscopique, Combustion E.M2.C, Paris, France)
    The influence of H2O upon the precision of determining temperature and partial pressure of СО2 in diagnostics of CO2:N2:H2O mixture with tunable CO2–laser