The XIV Symposium on High Resolution Molecular Spectroscopy

July 06-11, 2003, Krasnoyarsk-Yeniseisk-Krasnoyarsk, Russia

Invited speakers

  1. Dr. Yurii Arshinov,
    Raman-Lidar Technology for Atmospheric Studies
    (Institute of Atmospheric Optics SB RAS, Tomsk, Russia)
  2. Dr. Vincent Boudon,
    Open-shell octahedral molecules: A first insight into the full rovibronic problem
    (Universite de Bourgogne, Dijon, France)
  3. Dr. Frans J.M. Harren,
    The development of a high power, cw, continuous tunable, mid infrared OPO based on PPLN for photoacoustic trace gas detection
    (University of Nijmegen, Nijmegen, Netherlands)
  4. Prof. Aleksandr A. Makarov,
    Microwave spectroscopy for studying intramolecular vibrational dynamics: theoretical background, current status, and future prospects
    (Institute of Spectroscopy, RAS, Troitsk, Russia)
  5. Prof. Arlan W. Mantz,
    Infrared absorption line broadening and line profile studies between 296 and 6 K using tunable diode lasers
    (Physics and Astronomy Connecticut College, New London, USA)
  6. Dr. Agnes Perrin,
    New modeling of the line positions and intensities for Cs-type molecules: HDCO, HNO3
    (Universite de Paris-Sud, CNRS, Orsay, France)
  7. Dr. Nathalie Picque,
    High sensitivity wideband infrared spectroscopy
    (Universite de Paris-Sud, CNRS, Orsay, France)
  8. Prof. Sergei G. Rautian,
    Theory of spectral lines broadening
    (Optics Department, Physics Institute of them. P.N. Lebedev, RAS, Moscow, Russia)
  9. Prof. Nikolai F. Stepanov,
    State of art in quantum chemistry today
    (Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia)
  10. Dr. Jean-Luc Teffo,
    IR line parameTers of linear molecules: from spectroscopY to databaseS Handling
    (Universite Pierre et Marie Curie, CNRS, Paris, France)
  11. Dr. Mikhail Tretyakov,
    The spectroscopy of true molecular line shape in MM/SubMM range under pressures from 0.1 to 1000 Torr
    (Institute of Applied Physics, RAS, Nizhnii Novgorod, Russia)