The XIX Symposium on High Resolution Molecular Spectroscopy

July 01-05, 2019, Nizhny Novgorod

Participant Organizations

Organization: National Research Tomsk State University, Tomsk, Russia

List of reports:

  1. Barbe A., De Backer M.-R., Starikova E., Tyuterev Vl.G.
    Recent analyses of high resolution spectra of six isotopic species of ozone  
  2. Borkov Y.G., Lyulin O.M., Petrova T.M., Solodov A.M., Solodov A.A., Perevalov V.I., Deichuli V.M.
    CO2-broadening and shift coefficients of sulfur dioxide near 4 µm
  3. Egorov O.V., Nikitin A.V., Rey M., Viglaska D., Tyuterev Vl.G.
    Ab initio potential energy surface for ethane molecule: Preliminary results
  4. Rodina A., Nikitin A.V., Protasevich A., Thomas X., Daumont L., Rey M. , Manceron L., Sung K., Tyuterev Vl.G.
    Improved line list of 12CH4 in the 4300-4600 cm−1 region
  5. Bertin Th., Mondelain D., Kassi S., Campargue A., Perevalov V.I. , Karlovets E.V.
    High sensitivity cavity ring down spectroscopy of N2O near 1.74 µm
  6. Karlovets E.V., Mondelain D., Perevalov V.I., Tashkun S.A., Campargue A.
    CRDS of 17O enriched carbon dioxide between 5695 and 5850 cm-1 region
  7. Karlovets E.V., Evdokimova A.M., Vasilchenko S., Mondelain D., Campargue A., Mikhailenko S.N.
    Cavity ring down spectroscopy of water vapour near 1.75 μm
  8. Nasibullin R.T., Cherepanov V.N., Ponomarev Yu.N.
    Interaction of free H2O molecules with H2O molecules adsorbed on the surfase of aerogel nanopores
  9. Serdyukov V.I., Mikhailenko S.N., Sinitsa L.N.
    FTS absorption spectrum of 17O enriched water vapour between 7900 and 9500 cm-1
  10. Egorov O.V., Mauguiere F., Tyuterev Vl.G.
    Bifurcations and stability of vibrational periodic orbits for the ozone isotopomers at high energies
  11. Chizhmakova I.S., Nikitin A.V., Rey M., Tyuterev Vl.G.
    Ab initio potential energy surface and dipole moment surface for SF6 molecule
  12. Viglaska D., Rey M., Tyuterev Vl.G.
    Variational calculations for nonrigid polyatomic molecules in the normal mode approach