The XIX Symposium on High Resolution Molecular Spectroscopy

July 01-05, 2019, Nizhny Novgorod

Participant Organizations

Organization: St. Petersburg State University, St. Petersburg, Russia

List of reports:

  1. Filippov N.N., Grigoriev I.M., Pakhomov A.S.
    Classical trajectory approach in calculations of IR spectra of atmospheric gases  
  2. Pakhomov A.S., Grigoriev I.M., Filippov N.N.
    Theoretical study of the Dicke effect using the method of classical trajectories
  3. Asfin R.E., Melikova S.M., Rutkowski K.S., Filippov N.N.
    Features of IR spectra of fluoroform-H and -D caused by vibrational resonances  
  4. Kataeva T.S., Asfin R.E., Shchepkin D.N., Kolomiitsova T.D.
    RAIR spectra of carbon dioxide in liquid and crystalline phases
  5. Chesnokova T.Y., Chentsov A.V., Voronina Yu.V., Makarova M.V., Rokotyan N.V., Zakharov V.I., Langerock B.
    Impact of difference in CO absorption line parameters in spectroscopic databases on the CO atmospheric total column retrievals from the solar absorption spectra
  6. Bulanin K.M., Khriachtchev L., Duarte L.
    Ozone - Formic Acid Complex: A Infrared Matrix-Isolation and computational study  
  7. Devdariani A.Z., Zagrebin A., Lednev M.
    Spectra of diatomic quasimolecules in intermediate Hund’s coupling cases. The UV continua in the vicinity of the atomic forbidden transitions
  8. Sokolov A., Buldyreva J., Kouzov A.
    Theory of moments and modelling of non-Markovian relaxation matrix for colliding linear rotators  
  9. Troitsyna L., Buldyreva J., Dudaryonok A.S., Lavrentieva N.N., Filippov N.N.
    Temperature dependence of methyl-iodine collisional parameters studied by semi- classical and semi-empirical approaches
  10. Buturlimova M.V., Bulychev V.P., Tokhadze K.G.
    Anharmonic calculation of the structure and spectroscopic characteristics of an isolated trans-HONO molecule and the H3N…trans-HONO and the H2O… trans-HONO complexes