VI International Symposium "Atmospheric and Ocean Optics"

June 23-26, 1999, Tomsk, Russia

First Announcement

Symposium Chairman - Doctor of science G.G. Matvienko
Organizing Committee Chairman - Doctor of science V.P. Lukin

Symposium "Atmospheric and Oceanic Optics" has been held annually since 1994 by the Institute of Atmospheric Optics SB RAS. The symposium we are planning to held in 1999 is the sixth symposium, including not only the topics concerning sounding of the atmosphere, but the sounding of the ocean as well. From 1971 since 1993 the Institute had organized 24 conferences on different scientific problems. Presently our symposium is the sole conference in Russia where fundamental problems of radiation propagation in inhomogeneous media, scattering and absorbing of radiation are considered. Very few conferences in the world have such broad spectrum of interests.
The official languages of Symposium are Russain and English. In the fields listed below the Siberian scientific schools are leading in our country and well known in the world. To this fact can be attributed the interest to this symposium from the scientists of Russia and other countries of the former USSR. Russian scientific centers are usually represented by the scientists of Moscow, St.- Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Irkutsk, Barnaul, Ulan-Ude, and other cities. Representatives from Belorussia, Khasakstan, Ukraine, Uzbekistane are also regularly take part in the symposium. Organization experience and high scientific level of conference allowed us to invite in 1998 the well known scientists working in the field of optics. The representatives from Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Poland, and Bulgaria took part in the symposium. The International Society for Optical Engineering are supported publication of the proceedings.

The following topics are usually included in the agenda of the symposium:

  1. Absorption of Optical Waves in Gaseous and Condensed Media.
  2. Scattering of Optical Waves in the Atmosphere and Ocean (by Clouds, Aerosol, and Hydrosol).Radiation Regime in the Atmosphere (Clouds, Aerosol, and Green-House Gases).
  3. Optical Wave Propagation in Randomly Inhomogeneous Media. Transfer and Processing of Images and Signals. Adaptive Optics. Non-linear Effects Accompanying the Optical Wave Propagation Through the Atmosphere and Water.
  4. Optical Sounding of Clouds, Aerosol, and Ocean. Remote Monitoring of Ozone and Other Gases. Radio Wave and Acoustic Remote Sensing Techniques.
  5. Optical and Radiophysics Techniques, Instrumentation for Sensing the Atmosphere and Ocean.
  6. Optical Methods of Ecological Monitoring of the Earth's Air and Water Basins.
  7. Models, databases and software for atmospheric optics.

Instructions for submitting abstracts.
Please choose only one of the following options and send by due date:
e-mail each abstract separately to: in ASCII text (not encoded);
or mail three copies of your abstract to:
Dr. Valeri V. Kolosov,
Institute of Atmospheric Optics,
Tomsk, 634055, Russia;
or fax one copy to (382)225-9086 (send each abstract separately).

Proceedings of SPIE.
This conference will result in full manuscript, editor-reviewed volume published in the Proceedings of SPIE, that can be ordered through the Advanced Technical Program. Camera-ready manuscripts are required of all accepted applicants and must be submitted in English by 26 June 1999. Copyright to the manuscript is expected to be released for publication in the Proceedings of SPIE. .

Information concerning Hotel Accomodation, Registration, Symposium Fee, Travel Organization as well as free time service will be inluded in the Second Announcement available in April 1999.