VIII Joint International Symposium "Atmospheric and Ocean Optics, Atmospheric physics"

June 25-29, 2001, Irkutsk, Russia

Second Announcement

Scientific Program

Atmospheric and Ocean Optics
  • A. Molecular Spectroscopy and Atmospheric Radiative Processes
    • A1. Molecular Spectroscopy of Atmospheric Gases
    • A2. Absorption of Radiation in Atmosphere and Ocean, Radiative Regime and Climate Problems
  • B. Optical Radiation Propagation in the Atmosphere and Ocean
    • B1. Wave Propagation in Random Inhomogeneous Media. Adaptive Optics
    • B2. Nonlinear Effects at Radiation Propagation in Atmosphere and Water Media
  • C. Optical Investigation of Atmosphere and Ocean
    • C1. Multiple Scattering in Optical Remote Sensing. Image Transfer and Processing
    • C2. Laser and Acoustic Sounding of Atmosphere and Ocean
    • C3. Airborne and Spaceborne Lidars and their Applications. Models of the Atmosphere. Laser Beams on High-altitude Paths in the Atmosphere and Space
    • C4. Optical and Microphysical Properties of Atmospheric Aerosol and Suspension in Water Media
    • C5. Transport and Transformation of Aerosol and Gas Components in the Atmosphere
    • C6. Diagnostics of State and Functioning of Plants' Bio systems
Atmospheric Physics
  • D. Physical Processes and Phenomena in the Earth's Thermosphere and Ionosphere
    • D1. Magnetosphere-Ionosphere interactions
    • D2. Inhomogeneous Structure of Ionosphere
    • D3. Methods for Remote Sensing of Ionosphere and Thermosphere
    • D4. Radio-wave Propagation in Ionosphere
  • E. Structure and Dynamics of the Middle Atmosphere
    • E1. Atmospheric Waves and Turbulence
    • E2. Gas composition of Middle Atmosphere
    • E3. D-Area of Ionosphere
    • E4. Models of Middle Atmosphere
  • F. Dynamics of the Atmosphere and Climate of the Asian Region
    • F1. Long-period Trends of Atmospheric Parameters
    • F2. Effect of Solar Activity on Weather and Climate
Workshop on the atmospheric physical chemistry

Working languages of the Symposium are English and Russian.

Invited lectures and oral and poster presentations are scheduled during the Symposium.

Sessions will be held at the Institute of Solar-Terrestrial Physics SB RAS and Limnological Institute SB RAS.

Travel to the Lake Baikal for 1-2 days including a visit to Baikal Astrophysics Observatory, Baikal Museum, and Deep-water Neutrino Telescope is planned.

The abstracts will be published before the Symposium. Post-Symposium proceedings will be published by SPIE (The International Society for Optical Engineering).

Call for papers, information on the Symposium sessions, registration and accommodation of participants, additional excursions, social program, and preliminary topics of invited lectures will be presented in the Second Announcement in September, 2000. The Organizing Committee invites you and colleagues from your Institute to take part in the Symposium.

If you plan to attend VIII Joint International Symposium "Atmospheric and Ocean Optics. Atmospheric Physics", please, inform the Organizing Committee before September 1, 2000. Please, contact the Symposium Scientific Secretary Olga V. Tikhomirova and send your messages to the address of Organizing Committee:

Institute of Atmospheric Optics SB RAS,
Akademicheskii av., 1, 634055, Tomsk, Russia
Phone: 7-3822-25-99-56
Fax: 7-3822-25-90-86