XVI International Symposium "Atmospheric and Ocean Optics. Atmospheric Physics"

October 12-15, 2009, Tomsk, Russia

Participant Organizations

Organization: Tomsk State University, Tomsk, Russia

List of reports:

  1. N.K. Barashkova, O.A. Shteynle
    Variability of large-scale characteristics of atmospheric circulation in pacific region
  2. O.K. Voitsekhovskaya, D.E. Kashirskiy
    Determination of Dunham coefficients from vibrational-rotational levels energy calculated on effective rotational and centrifugal constants
  3. O.K. Voitsekhovskaya, A.V. Voitsekhovskii, D.E. Kashirskiy, I.S. Suslova
    Calculation of radiation intensity of high-temperature gas volume using the approximation relations.
  4. M.A. Buldakov, E.V. Koryukina, V.N. Cherepanov
    Periodic properties of dipole moment functions of diatomic molecules at small internuclear separations
  5. V.V. Belov, M.V. Tarasenkov
    Statistical modeling of the surface light haze radiance
  6. A.V. Voitsekhovskii, O.K. Voitsekhovskaya
    The determination of thermodynamic parameters of the spatially unhomogeneous gas volume from the radiative characteristics
  7. S.N. Volkov , I.V. Samokhvalov , D.H. Kim
    Monte Carlo polarization method estimates of of multiple elastic and inelastic scattering in cloud C.1
  8. M.V. Tarasenkov, V.V. Belov
    Statistical modeling of the point spread function in the spherical atmosphere
  9. A.V. Nyavro, V.N. Cherepanov, S.N. Grinyaev, A.P. Koptsev
    Application of model pseudopotential for electronic spectra calculation of atom-molecular system
  10. L.A. Bolbasova, V.P. Lukin, V.V. Nosov
    Image jitter of laser guide star with random centre
  11. V.P. Aksenov, F.Yu. Kanev, , I.V. Izmailov, B.N. Poizner
    Adaptive system of data transmitting by means of optical vortexes
  12. B.V. Kaul, I.V. Samokhvalov
    The transformation of backscattered matrices of crystal clouds at modification of the zenith angle of sensing